Modern Mind Readers


Embark on a journey into the impossible! Tabraze and Robin leave audiences mesmerized when they experience their cutting edge and highly interactive show! This one of a kind act keeps audience members on the edge of their seats! The Modern Mind Readers assure to make your next event the talk of the year!


Tabraze Sheikh

Award winning entertainer Tabraze Sheikh has been performing incredible feats of mind reading since a young age. Born and raised in the United States, Tabraze is completely self-taught. His performances have been seen by thousands across the world. Now, he travels with his beautiful wife, Robin, and together they demonstrate the full unlocked potential of the human mind.


Robin Sheikh

Growing up, Robin Sheikh always experienced strong mental connections with various people. It seemed she could interpret thoughts and emotions easily. Upon meeting and marrying Tabraze, their mental connection grew over time and developed into what some say are truly "Two minds into one".